As i research and develop ideas / kit / equipment, this site, serves as my documentation and reference for what I’m working on and what i have worked on.

How these ideas develop into real items that get used and how they function based on this use.

Some of my work

Building everything from …

Working on a replica WW1 trench system,

To a pair of shoes for a 2 year old.


I have been “reenacting” since October 15, 2008 , it started when i went along to a ECSW (English Civil War Society) event at West Acre Priory. I did this for about 2-3 years.

As far as i was concerned this was a weekend of camping / drinking / and getting dressed up in some weird clothing.

Things happened, i then moved onto something else – i joined the local Regia Anglorum group and did some Saxon / Viking / Norman reenactment. This is where i got more into history, and making things – one thing that struck me was how difficult it was to get a hold of kit. ECW kit was fancy, i couldn’t make any of that stuff at the time, so had to wait for clothing to come up for sale second hand – or wait to be at a event with traders. However Saxon kit – its simple, and i could make this … and that’s where it started. I wanted to make my own kit – i didn’t want to just buy it, but i had to research and work out how and what i needed to make.

Eventually as with all reenactment groups the politics started getting to me.

I needed something else, this is where i started riding, staying with regia – i joined their riding group and started riding lessons with an expert historical rider Dominic Sewell of Historic Equitation.

This was a whole new level. with reenactment your trying to portray the life of an average person in their everyday life. The riders at Historic Equitation are portraying the top levels of society, they are the top of the game in terms of skills, horses, equipment and their kit.

I’m now researching kit from all periods of history in tiny tiny details, making / commissioning replicas of this equipment to use in mounted combat/riding displays.

Everything from Classical Dressage to Jousting to playing the roll of Tallifer at the Battle of Hastings.


If you need to contact me, I would suggest email.